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Welcome to IdeaShiftersPro Community!

By joining IdeaShiftersPro, you'll get a chance to share your input, which enables us to help our clients. IdeaShiftersPro is an online community of business professionals that are compensated for their exclusive opinions and expertise in their respective industry.

You'll gain points each time you successfully complete a survey or activity through the IdeaShiftersPro community! 

Unable to complete the survey? No problem! Each time you take a survey (whether or not you have qualified), you will earn entries into the "Quarterly Sweepstakes"

Grand Prize (1)              $100 Cash (Via Check)
Second Prize (10)          $25 Cash (Via Check)

Exchange points with the following brands:

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We're so excited to have you join a unique panel that makes a difference. So, let's get started..