Thank you for your interest in playtesting People Can Fly games!  

We are committed to making amazing games and this is where you can help. We are looking for players over 18 of all experience levels and backgrounds to give us feedback so we can make games that are fun for everyone.
What happens when I sign up?
After you sign up, we select players based on a wide variety of criteria and invite them to take part in different types of playtests.
What will I do if I'm selected?

 A playtest can either happen on-site (currently in Los Angeles) or remotely, where you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on our titles and we would love your complete and honest feedback. We may choose at our discretion to give you a gift as compensation for your time.
Can I tell anyone about my experience; a friend or online?

No. Because you are helping us to develop our games, we have to ask you to not share anything about how you are helping us. People Can Fly takes confidentiality seriously.
Is my data safe?
We make every effort on our side to keep your data safe. Only the research team from the U.S. has access to your data, we don't even share it to others within People Can Fly and your data is stored securely offline. 
So, you're ready to be a People Can Fly Playtester?
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If you don't want to take part, please feel free to close this window.