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The Law360 Annual Law Firm Survey

Welcome to the 2021 Law360 Law Firm Survey! If you're a longtime survey participant, and you're looking for the survey that you usually fill out for the Glass Ceiling and Diversity Snapshot rankings, you've come to the right place. You'll notice a few more questions than previously we're expanding our business of law coverage to include some brand new rankings we're in the process of developing. 

The survey focuses on law firms that are U.S.-based or have at least 50 attorneys in the United States.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our survey, click here.

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Thank you! The survey begins on the next page. If your law firm only wants to confirm a total U.S. attorney headcount, indicate that here. You will be routed to that section of the survey.

Please note that confirming headcount only and declining to respond to the rest of the survey will make the firm ineligible for rankings beyond our listing of law firms by U.S. attorney headcount.